Steady/Transient Thermal (3D)

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  1. [JFT154] Automatic Generation of Motor Thermal Analysis Model of Rotating Machine that Accounts for Cooling

    This document shows how to run scripts from a JMAG project file with any model to create a thermal analysis model with batch settings of circuit components and each thermal condit…

    • [JAC233] Induction Heating Coil Optimization

      In this example, an example of using an optimization function to design a coil to use for induction hardening a gear is presented.

    • [JAC228] Induction Motor Thermal Analysis

      In this example, evaluating induction motor temperature distribution.

    • [JAC018] Thermal Analysis of a Motor

      In this example, how to evaluate a motor's temperature distribution by creating a thermal analysis model that can investigate the loss analysis and temperature distribution in ord…

    • The Need for Large-Scale Calculations in Induction Heating

      Ayaka Nakata, KOYO THERMO SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.

    • Electromagnetic Field Thermal Fluid Coupled Analysis for In-Vehicle Motors 2.0

      Kengo Toda, TODA RACING Co., Ltd.

    • JMAG Analysis of Spot Induction Heating to Design a Soldering Head

      Takeshi Usuda, S-FINX Technologies

    • [JFT073] Current Control with Induction Heating Work Temperature as Feedback Using User Subroutines

      This document explains how to control work piece surface temperature by using user subroutines and the coil current amplitude as a manipulated variable.

    • [JAC218] High-Frequency Induction Hardening Analysis Accounting for Deformation

      In this example, using the JMAG magnetic field - thermal stress coupled analysis function, analysis is performed evaluating gear deformation from induction heat hardening.

    • Electromagnetic Field – Thermal Stress Coupled Analysis and Experiment Verification in High Frequency Induction Hardening

      Yohei Awata, Denki Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

    • [JAC250] Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Roller Electrodes

      In this example, a use case is presented where the influence of the pitch of roller electrodes on the temperature distribution of a material (tablets) is evaluated.

    • [JAC220] Analysis of the High-Frequency Induction Hardening and Cooling of a Gear

      In this example, deals with induction heating and cooling analysis. An example is presented where the cooling rate for a gear differs depending on the cooling conditions.

    • [JAC249] Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Parallel Plate Electrodes

      In this example, a use case evaluating the influence on the temperature distribution of materials (tablets) with and without auxiliary electrodes is presented.

    • [JFT046] Analysis Group Inheritance Using an Analysis Template

      In this document, how to set analysis groups using an analysis template is explained.

    • [JAC198] Bus Bar Thermal Stress Analysis

      Here, temperature distributions for bus bars are obtained when the power supply frequency is changed.

    • [JAC186] Gear Induction Hardening Analysis Using Two Frequencies

      In this material, the validity of coil geometry used for quenching is evaluated by heating the gear top and bottom at high and low frequencies, respectively, to confirm uniform te…

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