[JFT184] Using a Script to Remove Unnecessary Steps From Result Files

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In order to perform multiphysics, it is necessary to output data in accordance with the data format of the input software. The Multi-Purpose File Export tool can transfer physical quantities between JMAG and the software of other fields.
Although the Multi-Purpose File Export tool can be run from command lines, it is necessary to copy result files from the calculation machine to a local machine and create a setting file. Result files with a large number of elements and multiple steps have large file sizes, leading to issues with the amount of time it takes to copy files and pressure on the storage capacity. In JMAG, you can reduce file sizes by removing unnecessary steps from result files.
This document explains how to remove unnecessary steps from a result file.


Multiphysics, Multi-Purpose File Export tool, Command line, Nastran file, Universal file, CSV file, Shell script file, Linux, Python

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