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  1. [JFT165] Running JMAG Using a Python Development Environment

    This document explains how to run a Python script on a third-party integrated development environment, then configure the settings for conditions in JMAG.

    • [JFT114] Correcting Efficiency Maps Using Scripts

      This document uses a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (speed priority) to describe the method for correcting the response values of created efficiency maps with Python scripts.

    • [JFT134] Inheritance Between Current Waveform Studies

      This document describes the method for setting a current waveform obtained from a 2D analysis to a 3D analysis automatically by using a post calculation script.

      • [JFT082] Automatic Report Creation Including Contour Plots When Running Multi-case Calculations

        This document describes the method for outputting report files while calculating multiple cases.

      • [JFT110] Evaluating the Effect of the Large Number of Holes Generated by Topology Optimization

        This document describes how to efficiently analyze the presence or absence of an effect on hole response values when a large number of holes are generated as a result of topology …

        • [JFT019] Setting an FEM Conductor Condition for a Set of Parts

          This document describes how to set the FEM conductor conditions collectively for many wires using a script pre-installed in JMAG.

          • [JFT121] Calculating Energy Consumption During Drive Cycle Using Efficiency Maps

            This document describes the method for calculating energy consumption during a drive cycle using an obtained efficiency map and tools.

            • [JFT124] Searching for the Parameter Range Reducing Geometry Collapse During Optimization Calculations

              This document describes the method for using the functions useful in searching parameter ranges that reduce geometry collapse during optimization calculations.

            • [JFT154] Automatic Generation of Motor Thermal Analysis Model of Rotating Machine that Accounts for Cooling

              This document shows how to run scripts from a JMAG project file with any model to create a thermal analysis model with batch settings of circuit components and each thermal condit…

              • [JFT153] Topology Optimization Calculations Using CNN Surrogate Models

                This document describes as the workflow for topology optimization calculations using CNN surrogate models running topology optimization for creating a CNN surrogate model, creatin…

                • [JFT146] Optimization Calculation Using Surrogate Models

                  This document describes as the workflow for optimization calculations using surrogate models creating training data, creating the sample case, and using a surrogate model in runni…

                • [JFT120] The Symmetric Hysteresis Loop Creation Function for Play Models

                  This document describes the method for creating groups of symmetric hysteresis loops by using tools from the measurement data of a single BH loop.

                  • [JFT009] Providing Tools Using Scripts – Capacitance Coefficient Calculations

                    This document describes how to use the script for electrostatic capacitance coefficient calculations.

                    • [JFT006] Providing Tools Using Scripts – Rotation Pattern Coil Setting (2D)

                      This document describes a method for configuring rotation pattern coil settings for the 2D models from scripts.

                      • [JFT056] Using an Electromagnetic Force Output Script for NVH

                        This document presents sample data and procedures to learn how to use an "electromagnetic force output for NVH" script.

                      • [JFT038] Automation of JMAG using MATLAB

                        In this document, a script is introduced that automatically executes a MATLAB code file from MATLAB, displays the results in MATLAB after launching JMAG-Designer, and then closes …

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