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  1. [JFT184] Using a Script to Remove Unnecessary Steps From Result Files

    This document explains how to remove unnecessary steps from a result file.

  2. [JFT171] Evaluation of Results for Multi-Case Calculations That Do Not Load Result Files

    This document explains how to run an analysis on the remote machine and check the analysis results without transferring the result file to the local machine.

  3. [JFT095] Obtaining Distribution Data from a Results File

    In this document, how to use APIs to obtain physical quantity data from a results file is presented.

    • [JFT110] Evaluating the Effect of the Large Number of Holes Generated by Topology Optimization

      This document describes how to efficiently analyze the presence or absence of an effect on hole response values when a large number of holes are generated as a result of topology …

      • [JFT023] Frequency Component Analysis of Distributions Obtained by Transient Response Analysis

        This document shows how to display output results ij vector form using the Fourier transform calculation function.

        • [JFT014] Physical Amount Calculation for Any Cross Section

          This document shows how to define any cross section, using that defined cross section and settings to calculate physical amounts, and how to confirm results.

          • [JFT041] Simple Skew Analysis Using Results Data

            In this document, how to use the skew graph function is described.

            • [JFT040] Creating Specified Outputs Using Distribution Results

              In this document, how to define an expression of an output and how to display its contour plot is described.

              • [JFT003] Evaluation of Hysteresis Loops and Loss Density Distributions inside an Electromagnetic Steel Sheet

                In this document, the procedure for evaluating iron loss distribution for the thickness direction of steel sheets is presented.

              • [JFT159] How to Create Motor Design Using Models & Scenarios

                This enables you to create motor models, run analysis and evaluate the results in fewer steps. This document explains the procedure on how to create models using the templates and…

              • [JFT037] Displaying Differences in Distributions

                This document shows how to display the distribution difference contour plot using the result difference calculation function.

                • [JFT025] Creating a Graph Showing the Correlation between Time History Physical Quantities

                  In this document, the procedure for displaying the correlation between two physical quantities on a graph is presented.

                  • [JFT070] Creating PM Motor Efficiency Maps Using JMAG-Designer (Accuracy Priority Mode)

                    This document describes how to create efficiency map studies (accuracy priority mode) using a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (speed priority mode).

                  • [JFT141] JMAG-RT Model Data File Creation Function in JMAG-Designer

                    This document will show you how to export the efficiency map/loss map obtained in JMAG as a JMAG-RT model data file and to check the plot in JMAG RT-Viewer.

                  • [JFT128] Evaluating Drive Cycle Time Using Efficiency Maps

                    This document describes the method for using obtained efficiency maps to confirm the efficiency history, operating points, cluster points, and total energy, etc., for drive cycle …

                  • [JFT043] Frequency Filter Calculation on Distribution Amounts Obtained with Transient Response Analysis

                    This document describes a method for displaying filtered distribution amounts only in specific frequency components by using the frequency filter calculation function.

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