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- Challenges of Motor Development and the Increasing Role of JMAG -

This series of technical reports discusses the challenges of motor development and the increasing role of JMAG. In the first edition of this series, we focus on "energy conservation and higher efficiency."


There are an infinite number of motors that surround us in our daily lives. These motors are used widely in various machines from appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners to large products like automobiles and elevators in addition to portable devices such as cellar phones and video games. Reports have indicated that approximately 60% of the power used in Japan is consumed by electric motors.
The amount of work endured and knowledge gained from the trail and error of motor designers should not be forgotten in a society that has learned to take motors for granted. JMAG has been a tool that motor designers continue to use to address the challenges that they face each day.
This report introduces the types of challenges in motor development JMAG is used to overcome and why so many have selected JMAG as their tool of choice.
This technical report, the first edition of this series, focuses on the challenges of motor development from the perspective of energy conservation and higher efficiency.

Challenges of Motor Development:
Conserving Energy and Gaining Higher Efficiency

More highly efficient motors are expected to contribute largely to environmental conservation in a time when conserving energy and preventing global warming have become key. Understanding the cause and areas loss is produced is vital to achieving higher efficiency. Today's consumers are also looking for even smaller and lighter products. The ongoing demand for miniaturization while keeping the existing output requires reinforced designs that also account for the thermal design.
This section examines the causes of loss as well as the thermal design.


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