JMAG-RT Compatible : FPGA Based High Precision Motor HIL Simulator

Product Name

  • XSG Electric Components Library, DS5203FPGAboard

Product detail

DS5203 FPGA Board is user programmable (using Simulink blocks), and can be used for simulations of motors etc., which require ultra high speed calculations. XSG Electric Components Library is a simulation model library for electrical component systems, such as motor inverters, which run on this DS5203 FPGA Board. This library contains motor models which are compatible with the rtt file output by JMAG-RT. Reading the generated rtt file into this library enables the JMAG-RT behavior models to run on HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) simulator in real time. Working with JMAG, users of the HIL simulator can easily incorporate detailed motor design results into a complex system and can carry out development in a convenient graphical environment. This speeds up development process and improve the product quality dramatically, because of simplified workflow and improved accuracy.

Product features

  • HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) Simulator
  • FPGA Board for Model-Based Development
  • Electric Component FPGA Library
  • FPGA Based High Speed/High Precision Simulation
  • JMAG-RT Compatible


  • Automotive
  • Factory Automation with motor
  • Mechatronics with motor
  • Home Appliances
  • Electric Power Facilities

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