High-precision HILS Solution for EV/HEV Control Development

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Koji Fukusumi, dSPACE Japan K.K.


For EV/HEV, motors, batteries and their control devices are one of major components that affect performance and energy efficiency of the vehicle system. In recent years, in order to reduce torque ripple and improve further electricity/fuel efficiency, more advanced controlled performance has been required. Using the simulator, which reproduces controlled objects in real time to develop these control devices, is very effective to shorten the development period and improve the quality of ECU software. At this session we will introduce motor HILS and battery HILS, which are required for EV/HEV control development. Regarding motor HILS, importing rtt files from JMAG-RT makes it possible to reproduce more accurate motor characteristics, such as magnetic saturation and spatial harmonics.

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