[JAC188] Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of IPM Motors Accounting for Coercive Force Distribution of Magnets

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The purpose of this Application Note is to help JMAG users understand the steps and settings used in a JMAG analysis. It is intended to help those who are working with a new analysis target better understand the analysis steps and the setting contents.
The actual JMAG model described in this Application Note is available for download from the JMAG Application Catalog. This model will allow you to view the model, settings and results. You can also create a template from the model to use as a starting point when analyzing your own geometry. They can be downloaded using the same method as the analysis model data. Please refer to the JMAG manual for more information on templates.
This example presents whether or not the demagnetization region can be smaller by assigning distribution to the coercive force of permanent magnets.


Fig. 1 indicates the reduction of torque when the temperature has changed. It can be confirmed that the reduction of torque can be controlled more than the original magnet by assigning coercive force distribution.

Demagnetizing Ratio Distribution

Fig. 2 shows the demagnetization ratio (*1) distribution after temperature increase with magnetization conditions prior to the raised temperature as a standard. By distributing high coercive force on the outer magnet surface, reduction in demagnetization ratio of the magnet can be confimed.
(*1) The demagnetization ratio shows whether demagnetization has occurred from the specified standard magnetization.

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