Wound-Field Synchronous Motor

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  1. [JAC297] Geometry Optimization of a Wound-field Synchronous Motor Including Efficiency Map, Part Temperature, and Stress Evaluations

    This case study runs a parametric optimization of a main automotive engine to maximize efficiency and torque while minimizing the temperature and stress as constraint conditions.

  2. [JAC294] Design Exploration of Wound-Field Synchronous Motors, Including Evaluating Part Temperature and Stress

    In this example, the efficiency map, part temperature, and stress, are evaluated at the same time for the motor design plan, and a design plan that meets the requirements is explo…

  3. [JAC289] Efficiency Map Creation for Wound-Field Synchronous Motors

    In this example, efficiency maps for a wound-field synchronous motor are created to check the combinations of currents that result in maximum efficiency. In addition, the loss bre…

  4. [JAC287] Analysis of Current Conditions for the Maximum Efficiency of a WFSM

    In this example, we determine the motor efficiency in relation to the field current for a WFSM when the motor output is kept constant.

  5. [JAC213] Circuit/Control Simulation of a Wound-Field Synchronous Motor

    In this example, JMAG-RT is used to obtain the torque of a wound-field synchronous motor (below WFSM) and the coil inductance current dependence, and the spatial harmonic componen…

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