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  1. [JAC148] Loss Analysis of a Power Transformer (Flyback Converter)

    A magnetic field analysis simulation based on the finite element method (FEM) can precisely evaluate the complex loss distributions of the coil and core, so it is optimal for an a…

  2. [JAC221] Confirmation of the Influence from the Reduction of High-Frequency Resistance of a Magnetically Plated Wire Choke Coil

    In this example, high frequency resistance values are obtained from choke coil copper loss analysis results using JMAG’s layer coating mesh function, and the effectiveness of redu…

  3. [JAC204] Copper Loss Analysis of Switching Transformers using Litz Wire

    This document introduces confirms the effects on copper loss due to the presence or absence of a twisted structure in the winding regarding the copper loss that occurs in the smal…

  4. [JAC105] Leakage Inductance Analysis of a Transformer

    This Application Note explains how to obtain self-inductance and leakage inductance for two types of secondary coiling in a transformer: uniform coiling and close coiling.

  5. [JAC061] Current Distribution Analysis of a Choke Coil

    This Application Note explains a case example that obtains the current distribution in a choke coil.

  6. [JAC110] Loss Analysis of a Choke Coil

    This Application Note shows how to obtain the iron loss and copper loss in a choke coil.

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