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  1. Development planning of JMAG

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

    13 Mar 2015

  2. Application-Oriented Motor Design by using the electromagnetic field analysis in TOYOTA

    Ryoji Mizutani, Hybrid Vehicle Advanced Technology Engineering Div., TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

  3. Influence of the manufacturing process on the behaviour of a claw-pole generator

    Jean-Claude Mipo, Electric Machines Design Department, Valeo Equipement Electrique Moteur FRANCE

  4. JMAG case examples for developing electric components for motorcycle engines


  5. Magnetic feedback sensor positioning and determination of harmonic distortion

    Ryan Spindler, Engineering, SL Montevideo Technology, Inc.

  6. Electromagnetic force as a noise source generated by leakage flux in transformer tank

    Kiyoshi Wakimoto, Transformer Team T&D Core Technology Development Office, T&D Product & Business Development Planning Division, MEIDENSHA CORPORATION

  7. Vibration analysis of transformer core with magnetostriction by using JMAG

    Naoyuki Kurita, Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Research Laboratory, Power Transmission & Distribution Systems Research Department

  8. Practical application of stress analysis of stator coil-end portion of turbine generator

    Takayuki Mizumoto, Generator & Motor Dept., Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

  9. Applied cases to production technology development using magnetic field – thermal coupling analysis

    Masaya Fukuda, Production technology department Production process innovation center, Global manufacturing innovation headquaters,OMRON Corporation

  10. Computer simulation of high-frequency induction heating using a coupling of JMAG, FLUENT and ANSYS.

    Ayaka Nakata, CAE Team, Product Development Department, KOYO THERMO SYSTEMS CO., LTD.

  11. Electromagnetic and heat transfer analysis of HFW steel pipe

    Akira Kawanishi, Solution Division(Kawasaki) CAE Center, JFE TECHNO-RESEARCH CORPORATION

  12. Thermal simulation of an oil-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor

    Zeng Jinling, Wang Jinhao, Sun Xiaoji, Motor System Development Section, Electric Vehicle Department, CHINA FAW CORPORATION LIMITED R&D CENTER

  13. Temperature analysis of the outer rotor type AC generator using JMAG-Designer and STAR-CCM+

    Kanji Shinkawa, CAE and Evaluation Engineering Section Development Engineering Department, Itami Engineering Office, Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company

  14. Development plan of co-simulation framework of Star-CCM+ and JMAG

    Steve Hartridge, Shigetoshi Maeda, CD-adapco,Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

  15. JMAG analysis for litz wire

    Koji Tani,JSOL Corp.

  16. Development of a rail brake for railway vehicles derived from linear motor technology

    Yasuaki Sakamoto, Maglev Systems Technology Division, Railway Technical Research Institute

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