Temperature analysis of the outer rotor type AC generator using JMAG-Designer and STAR-CCM+

Kanji Shinkawa
CAE and Evaluation Engineering Section Development Engineering Department
Itami Engineering Office, Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company


The output current of an external rotor synchronous permanent magnet generator (PMG) which is widely used in motorbikes and outboard engine is affected by the temperature of its magnets and windings. In conventional method, we usually assume the temperatures would be the same as measured data of similar generators when we calculate the output of PMG. However, as the size of PMG becomes smaller and output power density higher, the increased losses in PMG causes enlarged estimation error in temperatures that result in deterioration in the calculation accuracy of output. In this presentation, we propose a method for estimating the temperature of a winding in PMG using JMAG-Designer and STAR-CCM+.

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