Electromagnetic Force Analysis of Multipule Power Source Synchronous Generator

Takayuki Fujikawa, Shin-Daiwa-Kogyo Co.,Ltd


:Th is report presents the results from the electromagnetic force analysis of a multipule power source synchronous generator. The generator consists of armature windings for commercial power source(50 Hz or 60 Hz) and for welding source. The welding power source consists of two portions, designated as A-side armature winding and B-side one. The generator demonstrates the following problem when a load is connected to one of the A-side or B-side armature windings: oscillatory tension is generated between the stator and the rotor due to the radial electromagnetic force. This causes mechanical vibration and acoustic noise. In order to estimate the effects of the mechanical vibration on the structure, the characteristics of the electromagnetic force under the above load condition are shown.

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