Considerration of the Joule Loss in Windings for Power Reactor

Tsutomu Hamada
Tamura Coporation


Power Reactor consists of Iron Loss and Copper Loss mainly. Copper Loss increases to be affected by Skin Effect, Proximity Effect and the fringing flux from air gap, besides the resistance loss in the winding. The influence appears more and more conspicuously, so that the high frequency shows a tendency for miniaturization of the machinery particularly in late years.
These influences bring about complicated current-distribution in the winding. Therefore it is desirable to analyze it with CAE to calculate correct copper loss. We have been able to calculate Copper Loss visually and quantitatively in analyzing the current-distribution that we used JMAG.
In this lecture, we describe our observations about Joule Loss in the winding for Power Reactor, and present some analysis examples by JMAG

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