A Vibration Analysis Using Numerical Results of Electromagnetic Analysis of the IPM Motor (D-model of IEEJ), Using package softwares, JMAG & CAEFEM

Takushi Fujioka
Fujitsu General Limited


Countermeasures for motor vibrations are an important theme in motor designs, which are involved with electrical and mechanical designs as well. We used a software package of CAEFEM and JMAG to compute the vibrations in the stator of an IPM motor (IEEJ D-model) and used electromagnetic force calculations at the condition. For this, we input the current waveforms that accounted for PWM inverter carrier harmonics into JMAG, and observed what kinds of vibrations occurred in the carrier components.

Key words  Vibration analysis, Eigenvalue, FFT, Electromagnetic force, PWM control, D-model)

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