Magnetic Shield Design Optimization in HDD Writer

Kenkichi Anagawa
Writer design section wafer design team product development group HDD head business division data storage & thin film technology components business group, TDK corporation


As increasing the recording density of the hard disk drive, the data track width is getting narrower. In such a narrow track width, there is the risk that the data in the adjacent tracks might be erased in the write operation. To avoid this erasure, the magnetic shileld should be placed around the main pole to reduce the leakage flux to the adjacent tracks. However, if the magnetic shield absorbs magnetic field too much, the write field might be reduced.
Therefore, the optimization of the magnetic shield design is very important.
We show the optimization of the magnetic shield design using JMAG. We find the full wrap around shield as the optimized design for the narrow track width writer. Otherwise, we use SolidWorks to simplify writer structure change including shield structure. We carry on using modeFrontier together with JMAG for automatic optimization of writer design.

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