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  1. Magnetic Gears

    Hamid A. Toliyat, Texas A&M University

  2. Magnetic Shield Design Optimization in HDD Writer

    Kenkichi Anagawa, TDK Corporation

  3. [JAC027] Head Field Analysis of a Recording Write Head That Accounts for Eddy Currents

    This Application Note shows how to obtain the responsiveness of recording head field that is generated in the magnetic head.

  4. 3-Dimensional Analysis of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Mechanism Using JMAG

    Weixing Xia, Tohoku University

  5. Recent Progress and Future Work in Analyzing Magnetic Recording Write Head Field

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  6. Recording Field Analysis of Narrow Track Single Pole Type Head

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  7. Head Field analysis of high-density recording write heads

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  8. Transient Analysis of Write Head for Hard Disk Drives -Comparison Analysis and Electron Beam Tomography Measurement-

    Kimio Nakamura, Hitachi, Ltd.

  9. Design of a thin film write head using transient magnetic field analysis

    Ken-ichi Kitamura, Sony Corporation

  10. Developments of high-Bs heads with small core for high-speed recording

    Yoshihiro Nakano,Tamaki Toba,Hiriaki Honjo,Shinsaku Saito,Tsutomu Ishi,Mikiko Saito,Nobuyuki Ishiwata,Keishi Ohashi, NEC Corporation

  11. Eddy Current Analysis of Narrow Track Write Heads for Hard Disk Drives -Coparison Longitudinal and Perpendicular Recording Heads-

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  12. 3-dimensional Analysis of Magnetic Recording Head Using JMAG

    Akira AHSGON, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  13. Magnetic Field analysis of write heads for 20-100Gb/in^2 recordings

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  14. Numerical Simulation Analysis of Magnetic Recording

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  15. Challenges for Magnetic Field Analysis of Narrow Magnetic Heads

    Fujitsu Japan

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