Introduction to new features of the JMAG series

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Tetsuo Ogawa, JSOL Corp.


JMAG V12 is about to be released. JMAG-Designer provides various features to support the design process effectively, for example, the optimization tool and the post-processor to derive and evaluate the design proposal, modeling functions and fast solver to analyze the complicate phenomena in detail. JMAG-VTB is also updated with the rich analysis scenarios and new user-friendly interface. It provides the framework which makes complex analysis accessible. JMAG-Express supports the whole flow of motor design, from the concept design to the detail design, with enhanced motor template and features for evaluation.
JMAG for CATIAv5 is also enhanced the functions for the drive circuit, the induction heating, etc. In this session, I’ll introduce these new functions and the way to use these features effectively along with demonstrations.

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