Miniaturization Design Method and Performance Evaluation of Prototype Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Optimally Designed by Thermo-Magnetic Field Coupling Analysis

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Norihisa Iwasaki, Hitachi, Ltd.


In recent years, lightweight and high-efficiency motors are required in order to respond to final marketing of Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle in automobile and other industries. When a motor is downsized, there is no way to avoid a heat problem. For motors, disruption of a balance between losses and cooling performance leads to overheated temperature above an acceptable level and cause a technical malfunction. Hence, it is necessary to design motors by using integrated analysis considering optimization design technique of motor configuration and application of magnetic material and cooling technique. We will introduce results of the miniaturization design of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor, for which an optimal design technique based on thermo-magnetic field coupling analysis is used while using JMAG.

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