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  1. [JAC284] Analysis of Minute Electromagnetic Forces Acting on a Magnet

    In this example, we obtain the minute electromagnetic forces acting on a magnet that is moving translationally.

  2. [JAC205] Analyzing the Torque Characteristics of IPM Motors Using a Thermal Equivalent Circuit

    Here, we confirm a situation where temperature increases due to eddy current of the iron loss and magnet, which causes demagnetization of the magnet and torque reduction.

  3. [JAC269] Creating Three-Phase Induction Motor Efficiency Maps Accounting for Harmonics

    In this example, efficiency maps are created for a three-phase induction motor accounting for PWM carrier and slot harmonics. These are compared with efficiency maps when harmonic…

  4. [JFT114] Correcting Efficiency Maps Using Scripts

    This document uses a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (speed priority) to describe the method for correcting the response values of created efficiency maps with Python scripts.

  5. [JFT058] Creating Efficiency Maps Using JMAG-Designer (Speed Priority Mode)

    This document describes how to create efficiency maps using a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (prioritizing speed).

  6. [JFT047] Performing Harmonic Loss Calculations with Current Control in JMAG-Designer

    In this document, how to calculate the harmonic loss of a current controlled (PWM controlled) motor is described.

  7. [JFT045] Inheriting Settings when Updating CAD

    This document demonstrates how to inherit settings for CAD files when updating them using a script that assumes when to use optimization tools.

  8. [JFT095] Obtaining Distribution Data from a Results File

    OverviewSometimes it is useful to use results obtained in JMAG in one's specific type of post-processing. In such a situation, by using APIs (application programming interfaces), …

    • [JFT134] Inheritance Between Current Waveform Studies

      This document describes the method for setting a current waveform obtained from a 2D analysis to a 3D analysis automatically by using a post calculation script.

      • [JFT082] Automatic Report Creation Including Contour Plots When Running Multi-case Calculations

        This document describes the method for outputting report files while calculating multiple cases.

      • [JFT110] Evaluating the Effect of the Large Number of Holes Generated by Topology Optimization

        This document describes how to efficiently analyze the presence or absence of an effect on hole response values when a large number of holes are generated as a result of topology …

        • [JFT069] Performing Harmonic Loss Calculations Accounting for Current Control with JMAG-Designer and JMAG-RT

          In this document, how to calculate the harmonic loss of a current controlled (PWM controlled) PM motor at high speed using a JMAG-RT model is presented.

        • [JFT049] Grouping FEM Coil Conditions

          In this document, how to group FEM coil conditions and associate them with macro component wave windings is explained.

          • [JFT042] A Method for Obtaining a Steady-State Solution at an Early Stage (Time Periodic Explicit Error Correction)

            In this document, obtaining steady-state in less time steps using TP-EEC function will be presented.

            • [JFT050] Procedure for Exporting a Selected Study from a Project

              In this document, the procedure for exporting 1 study is presented.

              • [JFT053] Magnet Magnetization Direction Inheritance Using an Analysis Template

                In this document, the method for inheriting the magnetization direction of a magnet using an analysis template is detailed.

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