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  1. [JFT114] Correcting Efficiency Maps Using Scripts

    This document uses a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (speed priority) to describe the method for correcting the response values of created efficiency maps with Python scripts.

  2. [JFT024] Remote Execution of Analysis Using SSH

    This document shows how to set SSH on a local machine, how to execute on the local machine and how to import results from a remote machine to the local machine.

  3. [JFT121] Calculating Energy Consumption During Drive Cycle Using Efficiency Maps

    This document describes the method for calculating energy consumption during a drive cycle using an obtained efficiency map and tools.

  4. [JFT118] Distributed Processing for Parameter Optimization Calculations Using SSH

    This document describes a method for running optimization calculations with a Linux remote machine by using SSH.

  5. [JFT116] Creating Rotating Machine Coil Geometry Accounting for Arbitrary Winding Methods

    This document describes the method for creating a rotating machine coil using the coil template Edit Winding Table function.

  6. 275 – IPM Motor Iron Loss Analysis Accounting for the Effect of Residual Strain

    In this document, an analysis of an IPM motor accounting for the residual strain that occurs as a result of punching processes, and evaluates the effect on torque, magnetic flux d…

  7. [JFT124] Searching for the Parameter Range Reducing Geometry Collapse During Optimization Calculations

    This document describes the method for using the functions useful in searching parameter ranges that reduce geometry collapse during optimization calculations.

  8. [JFT123] Accounting for Residual Strain

    This document explains the procedure for executing magnetic field analysis and iron loss analysis that account for residual strain.

  9. [JFT115] Recalculating Electromagnetic Force and Torque Waveforms

    This document describes the method for calculating electromagnetic force as the post-processing of magnetic field analysis.

  10. 73 – Analysis of Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor

    This Application Note explains how to use JMAG to calculate the capacitance when the dielectric material is air and when it is a high permittivity material, while obtaining the am…

  11. 274 – SPM Motor Thermal Demagnetization Analysis Using Bonded NdFeB Magnets

    In this example, an SPM motor thermal demagnetization analysis is performed using bonded NdFeB magnets. Both the influence on torque waveforms when changing rotor magnet temperatu…

  12. 165 – Creating IPM Motor Efficiency Maps

    In this example, an efficiency map of an IPM motor is created and the loss ratios at each operating point are evaluated.

  13. [JFT117] Parametric Analysis Method for Motors Possessing Wire Geometry with the Number of Poles and Slots as Design Variables

    This document describes the method for performing wire geometry parametric analysis for motors with the number of poles and the number of slots as design variables.

  14. [JFT108] Creating a 3D Mesh Model from a 2D Mesh Model

    In this document, how to create a 3D mesh model from a 2D mesh model using Geometry Editor is presented.

  15. [JFT120] The Symmetric Hysteresis Loop Creation Function for Play Models

    This document describes the method for creating groups of symmetric hysteresis loops by using tools from the measurement data of a single BH loop.

  16. [JFT009] Providing Tools Using Scripts – Capacitance Coefficient Calculations

    This document describes how to use the script for electrostatic capacitance coefficient calculations.

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