The study of calculation accuracy improvement for magnetic loss of motor

Kohichi Tanimoto
Digital Engineering Promotion Department Engineering Research & Development Center, DENSO CORPORATION


Demands for smaller, highly efficient motors are growing as vehicles move to becoming electrically powered and raw material costs rise. Development is moving forward to make this a reality while aiming to achieve both smaller and more efficient motors while also reducing loss by, for example, using methods such as high rotation. However, evaluation of magnetic loss, which accounts for a large proportion of loss, continues relying on old testing methods and the calculation errors they cause are unacceptable for putting into practical use. Denso Corporation is striving to make magnetic flux density calculation more precise and improve iron loss styles to put magnetic loss calculation technologies to use in product design. This presentation will describe our company’s philosophy toward calculation technology development methods and give practical examples, as well as touch on issues confronting us in our aim of enhancing precision.

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