The Effect of Stress in Iron Loss Analysis Evaluation: Verification through the Steel Sheet Processing Method

Motomichi Ohto
Energy Conversion Technology Group, Corporate R&D Center, Technology & Development Div., Yaskawa Electric Corporation


Amid rising demand for higher motor efficiency there are also requirements for enhanced precision of iron loss calculations in electromagnetic field analysis. Stress placed on magnetic steel sheets is generally said to degrade iron loss properties, so it’s important to take into consideration the impact of stress when evaluating calculation results. In our presentation we will give a report on the results of an investigation where we examined errors between measured values and analysis results of iron loss and the impact of each processing method on iron loss after obtaining measured values while changing magnetic steel sheet processing methods. This will clarify the factors that should be considered in future analyses. We will also report on how advances in measurement technologies have enabled visualization of loss density distribution and stress distribution, although we all know the visual effectiveness of analyzing loss density distribution or stress distribution.

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