Analysis of Magnet Segmentation for an Electrical Machine used in Hybrid-Cars and Comparison with Calorimetric Measurement

David Bauer
GS-EH/PJ-EM2, Robert Bosch GmbH


In electrical machines for hybrid- and electrical cars efficiency and costs are decisive. At this point especially the permanent magnets in permanent magnet synchronous machines are of enormous significance. It is well known that the remanence and the demagnetization strength of the magnet depends on the occurring temperature within the magnet. Based on the magnets’
characteristics it is a key issue to reduce occurring eddy current losses and therefore the temperature in the magnets. Particularly in case of a single tooth winding, like it is used in the investigated machine sample for hybrid cars, magnet segmentation is an effective way to decrease the corresponding magnet losses. Different possible segmentations are estimated within the
presentation by using a simple analytical model. 3D-FEM analysis in JMAG and calorimetric measurement at the analyzed machine are used to compare the identified results.

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