The coupling of JMAG and Simcenter 3D in view Noise and Vibration analysis of Electric Machines

Koen De Langhe
Simulation and Test Solutions, SIEMENS PLM Software


Noise and vibration from electric machines including motors, generators, transformers and more, becomes increasingly important. The further push towards making electric machines more performant, the trend towards increasing power density of motors and generators, makes that noise and vibration is a critical topic for engineers to address, complemented with the higher expectations of consumers related to better acoustics.
Simcenter 3D is a new generation simulation software from SIEMENS PLM Software addressing a wide range of disciplines including Structural Dynamics, Acoustics, Multibody simulation, Flow, Thermal and more. Simcenter 3D offers best-in-class geometry and finite element (FE) modeling capabilities. Simcenter 3D helps you effectively build the simulation model you need from your 3D geometry. It includes unrivaled geometry manipulation tools that can handle CAD data from any source, as well as dedicated meshing and modeling for multiple applications.
To study vibrations and noise of electric machines, SIEMENS PLM software partners with JMAG. Essentially in a multi-physics context, a JMAG analysis provides the excitations resulting from electro-magnetic physics. These forces can be directly imported into the new Simcenter 3D environment, driving NX Nastran, providing full dynamics outputs and vibro-acoustic analyses capabilities in Simcenter 3D.
The presentation will focus on the new process coupling Simcenter 3D with JMAG, including a representative example.

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