Loss Distribution Analysis for 4-pole air Cooled Turbine Generator Using 3D Finite Element Method

Hiromu Kamiyama
Design Section Large Rotating Machinery Department 1, Rotating Machinery Systems Division, TOSHIBA MITSUBISHI-ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS CORPORATION


In recent years, the capacity of the 4-pole air cooled turbine generator has been increasing, but in order to increase the capacity, it is necessary to accurately estimate the temperature of each part. To improve the accuracy of temperature calculation, highly accurate loss analysis is required, but transient analysis using three-dimensional finite element method is required for high precision, so in the past, calculation volume was too large to solve it in a short time. However, with the development of analytical techniques in recent years, such large scale analysis has become possible by advanced mesh functions and large scale parallel computation technology using high-end personal computer.
Therefore, in this paper, we introduce a case study of the loss distribution of the stator and the rotor core of the large capacity 4-pole air cooled turbine generator by the transient analysis using three-dimensional finite element method.

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