Loss Analysis for a Reactor Using a Hysteresis Model

Kouhei Ueda
Engineering Development Managing Division, Mechanic Development Department, Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.


In recent years, demands for higher harmonics controls have become even more stringent along with the use of the inverter technology in electronic products. To improve the power factor of power supplies, cases involving active PFC circuits that run on several tens of kHz have been increasing. For some of these cases, reactor losses cannot be correctly estimated due to the effects of ripple current caused by switching, causing reactor design accounting for heat generation amounts to be complex.
JMAG-Designer has the hysteresis loss analysis function that accounts for magnetic flux minor loops inside magnetic materials caused by these types of ripple currents, allowing high accuracy loss analyses without the hassle of difficult settings.
To evaluate the performance of JMAG-Designer’s loss analysis function, we will present comparisons between measured values using a physical prototype and analysis values using a JMAG-Designer model for multiple superimposition waveforms.

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