Enhanced 3D Finite Element Analysis of AC Losses in the End-Winding Structure of Bar Wound Windings

David Philipp Morisco
Gasoline Systems Electrical Machines, Robert Bosch GmbH / Institute for Electrical Energy, Technical University of Ilmenau
/ I.L. Iepure
Corporate Research, Robert Bosch GmbH
Institute for Electrical Energy, Technical University of Ilmenau


Nowadays, an impressive effort is done to accurately estimate additional AC losses due to 3D electromagnetical effects such as stray flux. With increasing availability of high performance computing and the acute interest for loss estimation, the analytical approaches may have come to their limits. A comprehensive understanding and modeling of the loss production mechanism is required to accurately predict the copper losses of an electric machine. Therefore, in this paper the end-winding strayfield is analyzed and the additional AC losses in the bar wound winding coils are presented and assessed. For this purpose, enhanced 3-D finite element models, including the complex end-winding geometry, are computed on a parallel distributed high performance computing system.

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