Optimization of Solenoid Attraction using JMAG Optimization Function

Shotaro Hatanaka
Research & Development Department No.1, CKD Corporation


Pneumatic solenoid valves are used in a wide range of industries, medical care, automobiles, etc. In the apparatus to be used, small size and power saving are advanced, and more power saving and miniaturization of pneumatic solenoid valves are required. Using the optimization function of JMAG – Designer this time, the magnetic circuit which maximizes suction power is sought while maintaining the solenoid size, leading to development of power – saving solenoid valve. In the simulation, the optimum calculation was carried out by selecting the eight levels contributing to the magnetic path area from the movable iron core, the fixed iron core, the yoke and the like under a fixed product size. Then, in order to further optimize, we report magnetometric force to the level and report the result of optimization calculation which calculated while executing tradeoff between magnetomotive force and magnetic path area.

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