Analysis of LIM-type Eddy-Current Rail Brakes using Large Scale Model

Hiroshi Yoda
Maglev Systems Technology Division, Railway Technical Research Institute


JMAG is used for the design of an LIM-type eddy-current rail brakes(LIM-ECB) that is possible to operate without an external power source, supplying excitation power by self power generation as a linear induction machine. This system is driven by a constant voltage and operates in a state in which loss of system and generated power are balanced by frequency control. It is because of this that an understanding of accurate power generation performance is crucial.
Reproducing entire lengths is also important because of the necessity to account for the existence of armature end parts that cause degradations in performance. A thin skin mesh is additionally required in order to calculate rail eddy currents at a high accuracy. The object of analysis is therefore a model that increases in scale due to the above factors, which means that parallel processing needs to be faster.
This paper will introduce analysis case studies through high parallel processing.

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