Calculation of Iron Loss of Variable Inductor for Electric Power Control

Yoichi Sekiba
Power System Analysis Group, Denryoku Computing Center, Ltd.
/ Kenji Arimatsu, Takashi Ohinata
Transmission and Distribution and Communications Technology SEC., Research and Development Center, Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
/ Takashi Nakaoka, Taizo Senda
JSOL Corp.


Recently, voltage control in power distribution grid is getting difficult due to increasing popularization of distributed power sources and diversification of loads. To deal with such a problem, voltage-control devices applying variable inductor has been developed and put into use, which compensate reactive power to grids.
Since variable inductor’s core is commonly composed of laminated steel sheets, its iron loss depends on the composition of the core. Hence the evaluation method of the variable inductor’s iron loss based on simulation is desired. We studied an evaluation method of variable inductor’s iron loss using LS option implemented in JMAG.

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