Thermal Problem of the 200kW Class High-Speed Rotation Axial Gap Motor Applied to the Uniaxial Electric Pump for the Cryogenic Propellant Supply of the 30kN Thrust Class Liquid Rocket Engine (Study using JMAG Results and CFD-Thermal Coupled Analysis)

Mitsuru Shimagaki, Toshiya Kimura
Research Unit Ⅳ, Research and Development Directorate,
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)


This research, which is a part of the realization of a 30kN-class thrust liquid rocket engine, focus on necessary a cooling structure, flow rate, and supply pressure to avoid melting due to heat generation of a small, high output, high rotation axial gap motor applied to a liquid propellant supply single-shaft electric pump.
We discussed rotor radial vibration and heat generation in consideration of electromagnetism for the 90kW class radial gap PM motors at the 2019 and 2020 JMAG Users Conferences. Regarding the heat generation, we analyzed and evaluated JMAG-RT as the design information by linking it to the electric pump model and cooling model built with Siemens AMESIM for the purpose of grasping the cooling effect with accuracy.
In this presentation, we will present a case study of a thermal equivalent circuit model including a cooling system, to realize a 200kW class high-speed axial gap motor that will not be damaged. By comprehensively evaluating the results of JMAG’s thermal equivalent circuit model together with the CFD results, this example enables us to understand the risk of motor electromagnetic element burnout and thermal demagnetization.

Fusion of Simulation Technology and Additive Manufacturing (JMAG & 3D Printer)

Fusion of Simulation Technology and Additive Manufacturing (JMAG & 3D Printer)

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