Vibration Analysis / Sound Pressure Analysis

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  1. The coupling of JMAG and Simcenter 3D in view Noise and Vibration analysis of Electric Machines

    Koen De Langhe, SIEMENS PLM Software

  2. Induction Motor Sound and Co-simulation with JMAG and Virtual.lab

    Li xin, EMERSON Climate Technologies

  3. Acoustic Noise Analysis of a High-Speed High-Power Switched Reluctance Machine: Frame Effects

    Berker Bilgin, McMaster University

  4. Noise and Vibration of Oil-Immersed Transformer Generated by Load Current

    Kiyoshi Wakimoto, Transformer Team, T&D Core Technology Development Office, Meidensha Corporation

  5. On the modeling, prediction and solutions for acoustic emission of Reluctance Machines (RM)

    Koen De Langhe, Simulation Division, SIEMENS PLM Software

  6. Electromagnetic force as a noise source generated by leakage flux in transformer tank


  7. Vibration analysis of transformer core with magnetostriction by using JMAG

    Naoyuki Kurita, Hitachi Ltd.

  8. Power measurement technique for inverter and motor evaluation

    Eiichi Odaira, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation

  9. Optimizing the Acoustic Performance of a Switched Reluctance Motor using a combined multi-physics & FEA simulation approach

    Koen Vansant, LMS International N.V

  10. Coil Vibration as a Noise Source Generated by Transformer Load Current


  11. The Coupling of JMAG with Virtual.Lab Acoustics in view of predicting Transformer Noise due to Magnetostriction

    Koen De Langhe, LMS, A SIEMENS BUSINESS / Yusaku Suzuki, JSOL Corp.

  12. Multiscale Noise and Vibration models for a Switched Reluctance-based drivetrain for EV and HEV

    Ramana Kappagantu, LMS Americas

  13. Integrated Acoustic Simulation of a Switched Reluctance Motor Drivetrain as part of a Multi-physics approach to Electric Vehicle Optimization

    Koen De Langhe, LMS International

  14. Vibration Optimization of Concentrated Stator and IPM Rotor

    Alvin Lee, Emerson

  15. Electric Drives for Off-Road Mobile Equipment

    Jim Shoemaker, John Deere

  16. Multiscale Noise and Vibration models for a Switched Reluctance-based drivetrain for EV and HEV

    Koen De Langhe, LMS International

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