Miniaturization and low noise Design of the transformer for train

Naoki Sato
Engineering Department, ICHIKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.


High-speed rail has a small environmental impact, it has been international attention. Also it has been strongly desired to realize energy saving and comfortable train in space.
The transformer for the train, therefore, energy-saving, compact, low noise has been requested. High-frequency characteristics, thermal performance and noise characteristics is a contradictory characteristics, there is a need to achieve both.
Traditionally, we’ve been doing a product of development by repeating many of the prototype evaluation. ICHIKAWA , in order to achieve a more efficient development, design by JMAG, has been promoting the CAE of the prototype and test. In particular, has been studying the practical design method of simulation of the noise characteristics are difficult to design with design formulas.
This time, for noise reduction due to the difference of the core material and the gap structure, we report a comprehensive assessment which takes into account the cost on the basis of the JMAG simulation results.
In the future, in order to achieve a complete prototype-less, we will proceed with know-how accumulation and elaboration of digital design.

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