JMAG Taiwan User Group Meeting

Dates Thursday, November 6 , 2008
Venue Taipei International Convention Center

The Taiwan JMAG user conference was successfully held at Taipei international convention center by Flotrend, the official distributor of JMAG products in Taiwan, gathering many JMAG users and engineers working in the field of electromechanical design and simulation.The conference was very well organized and participants enjoyed the meeting.
Following greetings from Gary Chen of Flotrend, Takashi Yamada of JRI Solutions showed the roadmap of JMAG developments as the starter. Kevin Chen of Flotrend reported some user cases of linear motor analysis and vibration analysis of motors.
The presentations were about advanced motor design and covered the topics of high interest to all attendees.
We are thankful to those three users for their insightful presentations.
In the demonstration session, Kevin Chen introduced JMAG-designer, a new version of JMAG, using a live demo of PM motor analysis.
Buhner Chien of Flotrend closed the conference promising we will meet again next year.