Date Title Venue
December 12-13 JMAG Users Conference 2012 Tokyo, Japan
November 29 POWERSYS
JMAG-Designer V12 Online Webinar  icon-external-link 
November 22 LMS and POWERSYS
JMAG-LMS Virtual.Lab Seminar  icon-external-link 
Paris, France
November 19-20 IDAJ CAE Solution Conference  icon-external-link  Shanghai, China
November 11-14 CEFC2012  icon-external-link  Oita, Japan
October 25 Mentor Graphics
Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum(IESF)China Automotive 2012  icon-external-link 
Shanghai, China
October 22 GT-SUITE Conference Day  icon-external-link  Frankfurt, Germany
October 18 Dassault Systemes
SIMULIA Regional User Meeting  icon-external-link 
Detroit, USA
October 16 JMAG Users Conference in USA Detroit, USA
September 25-27 CWIEME Chicago 2012  icon-external-link  Chicago, USA
September 17-18 SIMULIA Regional User Meeting  icon-external-link  Hamburg, Germany
September 15-20 ECCE2012  icon-external-link  North Carolina, USA
September 2-5 ICEM 2012  icon-external-link  Marseille, France
August 21-23 2012 I.E.E.-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference  icon-external-link  Chiba, Japan
August 6-9 NIWeek2012  icon-external-link  (There will be presentations in addition to exhibitions.)
SessionID: TS8192

2012-08-07 13:00-14:00 RoomA

High-Fidelity Electric Motor Simulation With JMAG-RT and NI VeriStand

Testing embedded software for electric motor engine control units introduces new challenges, such as increasedsimulation speed and model fidelity, that cannot be addressed by traditional hardware-in-the-loop testing methods. Learn how NI and JSOL Corporation have partnered to address these new challenges by creating an industry-leading electric motor simulation platform.

Ben Black National Instruments
Yusaku Suzuki JMAG Division, JSOL Corp.

Austin, USA
July 17-20 Real-Time 2012  icon-external-link  Las Vegas, USA
July 11-13 TECHNO-FRONTIER 2012 Tokyo, Japan
July 11 JMAG WORKSHOP in Graz  icon-external-link  Graz, Austria
JMAG Users Conference in Germany  icon-external-link 
JMAG – 1 Day FREE Training  icon-external-link 
June 26-28 CWIEME Berlin 2012  icon-external-link  Berlin, Germany
June 21 MathWorks Automotive Conference 2012  icon-external-link  Tokyo, Japan
June 14 Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum(IESF) Detroit 2012  icon-external-link  Detroit, USA
June 11-19 CDAJ-China
Electromagnetic Field Analysis using FEM and Motor Design Symposium  icon-external-link 
June 11 – Shanghai
June 13 – Shenzhen
June 15 – Chengdu
June 19 – Beijing, China
May 30 Flotrend
JMAG Users Conference in Taiwan  icon-external-link 
May 10-11 5th Conference Simulation and Testing for Automotive Electronics  icon-external-link  Berlin, Germany
May 15-17 2012 SIMULIA Community Conference  icon-external-link  Providence, USA
May 7-12 IEEE International Magnetics Conference 2012  icon-external-link  Vancouver, Canada
May 1-3 SMMA 2012 Spring Management Conference  icon-external-link  Florida, USA
March 22 Powersys, JMAG’s Distributor in North America
New Office Opening Ceremony at Madison, WI  icon-external-link 
Wisconsin, USA