STAR Japanese Conference 2016


Host CD-adapco
Dates Thursday June 9th – Friday June 10th, 2016
Venue YOKOHAMA ROYAL PARK HOTEL (kanagawa, Japan)

STAR Japanese Conference is a conference for Japanese companies hosted by CD-adapco Corporation.
The seminar, “Two-Way Coupled Analysis Using Electromagnetic Field Analysis Software JMAG and STAR-CCM+”, will be presented by both companies.
The JMAG booth will present a coupled thermal fluid and electromagnetic field analysis between STAR-CCM+ and JMAG.
Combining a magnetic field analysis with a thermal analysis not only allows product evaluation through magnetic field analysis, but also enables evaluations from a multitude of perspectives.
Please come to the booth to see the latest applied cases.

Event Report

The 4th annual STAR Japanese Conference was held over two days with approximately 700 users in attendance.
As usual, a variety of applied cases using STAR-CCM+’s thermal fluid simulation were presented by users from fields such as automobiles, electrical/electronics, chemical processes, and heavy industries. What set this year apart were the applied cases using HEEDS to solve optimization issues and the numerous applied cases for combined fields such as coupled electromagnetic field / structural and thermal fluid simulations; it was our impression that it is commonplace to use simulations in the thermal fluid field.
Coupled analyses in the electric/electronic field evoked many responses from the users at our booth and after giving the seminar, suggesting that simulation technology is gaining momentum.

Company Introduction

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