JMAG’s Contribution to Thermal Design

In recent years with electric devices having high output density, it is thought that deterioration of materials or damage to parts due to excessive temperature rise causing a lowering in safety is a possibility, making the wavering of trust in a product a real possibility. Therefore, it is very important to predict the loss and the heat generated by it at the electromechanical design stage and take measures.

However, this predicting is difficult with desk calculations. What should be done?

Detailed analysis and evaluation by simulation are indispensable.

With simulation, loss is first obtained, and then the temperature distribution for each part is obtained using this loss. JMAG strives to improve loss analysis techniques every day, and can evaluate loss with high accuracy. From this, prediction of heat generation can be done with high accuracy, and measures against heat at the design stage can be taken.

Induction Motor Thermal Evaluation

Transformer Thermal Evaluation

Motor Thermal Evaluation