The SPEED Motor Design Software

University of Glasgow Malcolm McGilp


SPEED (Scottish Power Electronics and Electric Drives) is a consortium of industrial companies with a common interest in power electronics and motor drive technology. SPEED was formed in 1987 by Professor TJE Miller in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow. The SPEED Laboratory produces electric motor design software which is used by the current membership of around 60 companies from Britain, Europe, the USA, S. America and Japan. SPEED software is available for
brushless permanent-magnet motors (square wave/sine wave); induction motors (polyphase/1-phase); d.c. and a.c. brush motors; switched reluctance motors; linear motors; and synchronous reluctance motors. It includes a fast, integrated finite-element module. It runs under Microsoft Windows with a friendly interface, and it has very great documentation that includes extensive information on motor theory and design. This paper describes the software structure, analysis options and operation using the PC-BDC program for brushless PM motors as an example. A link from PC-BDC to a finite element program is also described.



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