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  1. Magnetic Field Analysis of a Wiggler for a Free Electron Laser

    Osaka sangyou University

  2. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Rotating Machines

    Haruyuki Kometani, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  3. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Surface Motor

    Tokyo Metropolitan University

  4. Magnet Geometry to Increase Maximum Torque for Surface Permanent Magnet Type Electric Synchronous Motors

    Kagoshima University

  5. Vision for Numerical Electromagnetic Field Analysis Technology

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

  6. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Motors Using JMAG-Works


    • A Comparison of Finite Element Method for Full-Wave Analysis of Microwave and Optical Waveguides

      Masanori Koshiba, Hokkaido University

      • Utilizing Analysis Technology for Industrial Linear Motors

        Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

      • Simple Magnetization Analysis Using JMAG-Works

        Haruyuki Kometani, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

      • Simple Analysis of Magnetization Orientation Control of Magnets

        SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

        • Characteristics Analysis of a Superconducting Linear Actuator

          A.Kobayashi, Yokohama National University

        • Simulation of Performance Test fo Direct Gurrent Brush-less Motor by FEM

          Aoki Koushi, MITSUBA Corporation

        • Key Points of Numerical Analysis -Present Challenges Related to Material Properties –

          Koji Fujiwara, Okayama University

        • Analysis and Design Challenges of Complex Regions

          H.Miura Engineering (USA)

        • Analysis of a Liner Drive System

          Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

        • Optics Analysis of Solar Batteries Using FEM and FDTD

          SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

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