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  1. Study on Electromagnetic Vibration of Magnetic Gear

    Noboru Niguchi, Dept. of Adaptive Machine Systems/Graduate School of Engineering/Osaka University

  2. Measurement of Magnetic Properties at High Temperature and Application to Magneto-Thermal Coupled Analysis of Induction Heater

    Norio Takahashi, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering/The Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology/Okayama University

  3. Trends and Challenges of Induction Heating Analyses

    Hiroshi Hashimoto, JSOL Corp.

  4. Introduction for the utilization techniques of JMAG for transformer design

    Takayuki NISHIO, JSOL Corporation

  5. Expanding and Utilizing JMAG-Designer as Designers

    Akihiko Furuto, TOHOKU PIONEER Corporation

  6. Utilizing JMAG Designer for 3D Magnetic Field Analysis Models

    Yuichi Yoshikawa, Home Appliances Company,Panasonic Corporation

  7. Motor Vibration/Noise Simulation Analysis and Its Features

    Noda Shinichi, Toshiba Corporation

  8. New Features of JMAG

    Yuya Yamashita, JSOL Corporation

  9. EMC for Motor Drive Systems

    Akinori Shiga, JSOL Corporation

  10. Logic and Strategies When Analysis and Measured Results Don’t Match

    Tetsuya Hattori, JSOL Corporation

  11. Approaches and Future of Iron Loss Analysis in JMAG

    Katsuyuki Narita, JSOL Corporation

  12. Introduction of Features Contributing to an Easy-to-Use JMAG-Designer

    Yuya Yamashita, JSOL Corporation

  13. JMAG: From Implementation to Efficient Operation

    Yoshiyuki Sakasita, JSOL Corporation

  14. Shibaura Institute of Technology Kan Akatsu M&E Energy Conversion Lab.

    Tackling Next Generation Motor Development using JMAGThe evolution of technology for motors and control systems has been tremendous. The progress of development is driven around a…

  15. Interior PM Synchronous Machines: Historical Perspectives, Current Status, and Future Directions

    Thomas M. Jahns, University of Wisconsin

  16. Loss Analysis and Shape Optimization of Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

    Katsumi Yamazaki, Chiba Institute of Technology.

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