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  1. Expectations from Control Technology to Magnet Field Analyses

    Shinji doki, Nagoya University.

  2. Simulation of Small Wind Power Generating System Using PMSG

    Katsumi Kesamaru,Kyushu University

  3. Analysis of nonlinear characteristics in high temperature superconductor rotating machine

    Taketsune Nakamura,Kyoto University

  4. Engineer’s Education using Electromagnetics CAE at Mitsubishi Electric

    Hidenobu Itagaki,Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  5. Report of Harumi-1 Project

    Katsuyuki Narita, Tetsuya Hattori,JSOL Corp.

  6. Parametric Analyses Using JMAG-Designer

    Tetsuya Hattori,JSOL Corp.

  7. Practical Electromagnetics for Electrical Device Analysis

    Takayuki Nishio,JSOL Corp.

  8. Technical Challenges Related to Induction Heating Analyses- Modeling Material Properties –

    Hiroshi Hashimoto,JSOL Corp.

  9. Designing Transformers and Estimating Problems and Countermeasures

    Yusaku Suzuki,JSOL Corp.

  10. Reducing the Time Required for Analyses Using JMAG’s Distributed Processing and Parallel Solver

    Kazuki Semba,JSOL Corp.

  11. Utilizing Motor Models for Control Design

    Katsuyuki Narita,JSOL Corp.

  12. Use of JMAG as CAE: Case Studies of Users

    Yusaku Suzuki, JRI Solutions, Ltd.

  13. Evaluation of eddy current characteristic for applied high frequency voltage to the giant magnetrostrictive material

    Masayuki Sugasawa, Sony EMCS Corporation

  14. Numerical Magnetic Field Analysis in Electric Performance Calculation in Large Rotating Machines.

    Kazumasa Ide, Hitachi, Ltd.

  15. Object lesson og electric equipment design that users JMAG in Mie University

    Masao Syuto, Fuji Electric FA Components & Systems Co.,Ltd.

  16. Temperature analysis og non-invasive hyperthermia system using JMAG-Studio

    Kazuo Kato, Meiji University

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