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  1. Magnetic and thermal 3D imulation of a conical bearingless PM synchronous machine with JMAG

    Bogdan Funieru, Technische Universitat Darmstadt

  2. Magnetic Gears

    Hamid A. Toliyat, Texas A&M University

  3. Loss analysis and geometry optimization in rotating machines

    Katsumi Yamazaki, Chiba Institute of Technology

  4. Electric Motor Technology Research Center, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University

    Electric Motor Technology Research Center, Taiwan National Cheng Kung University
    Use of JMAG in Renewable Energy Research

  5. Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion, Technische Universität Darmstadt

    Taking on Research for New Motors and Generators

  6. Low-frequency Electromagnetic Field Analysis

    Noboru Kikuchi, University of Michigan

  7. Optimizing Designs with High Throughput Computing

    Brooklin J. Gore, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  8. Variable Characteristics Motors (Matrix motor and CMMF motor)

    Kan Akatsu, Shibaura Institute of Technology

  9. Voltage Boost Type Drive Circuit without Additional Reactor for Switched Reluctance Motor

    Nobukazu Hoshi, Tokyo University of Science

  10. Development of a Ferrite Permanent Magnet Axial Gap Motor with Segmented Rotor Structure

    Masatsugu Takemoto, Hokkaido University

  11. Novel Permanent Magnet Brushless Machines and Applications

    Z.Q. Zhu, University of Sheffield, UK

    • Variable-Magnetic-Flux Motors for Opening up a World of the New Motor-Drive Technology

      Kazuto Sakai, Toyo University

    • Studies on Less Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Hybrid Excitation Motor with High Power Density

      Takashi Kosaka, Omohi College, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology

    • Latest advancements in noise and vibration simulation in support of electrical motors and power electronics.

      Koen De Langhe,LMS International

    • On the role of Process Integration and Design Optimization in ECO Electric Motor Design; a proposition

      Nick Tzannetakis, Noesis Solutions

    • Multi-Physics Analysis with JMAG-Designer: Current Capabilities and Future Directions

      David Dibben, JSOL Corporation

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