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  1. Useful Tips for JMAG-Designer

    Masayuki Kawai, JSOL Corp.

    • Evaluation of Iron Loss Analysis and Material Modeling Accounting for Residual Strain

      Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

    • The design of magnetic circuit for magnetostrictive sensor

      Hiroshi Matsumoto, System Research Group Fundamental Technology Research Div. YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD.

    • JMAG’s responses to user proposals

      Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

      • Innovative process of design exploration using JMAG and HEEDS

        Taiki Matsumura, CD-adapco Co., Ltd

      • JMAG Parallel Execution Environment using a PC Cluster

        Atsuo Nakata, Engineering Section III, Enterprise Dept. I, IT Engineering Div., SCSK Corporation

      • JMAG-RT Running in a 260mm×190mm×84mm Box

        Yoshihiko Ozaki, Development Department, DSP Technology Co.,Ltd.,

      • Future of Tools for Real-Time Test

        Ben Black, National Instruments, Jean Belanger, OPAL-RT Technologies

      • The application for JMAG in magnetizing yoke-aided design (Chinese-only)

        Chien Ming-Hung, Metal Industries Research & Development Center

      • JMAG case examples for developing electric components for motorcycle engines

        Masahiro Yamamoto, YAMAHA MOTOR ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.,

      • Applied cases to production technology development using magnetic field – thermal coupling analysis

        Masaya Fukuda, OMRON Corporation

      • Demagnetization analysis of IPM motor with Dy diffused magnet using JMAG-Designer Ver.13.1

        Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.,

      • Development of the new motor for SPORT HYBRID i-DCD system for the Fit3 Hybrid

        Satoshi Shikata, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

      • Optimizing the Acoustic Performance of a Switched Reluctance Motor using a combined multi-physics & FEA simulation approach

        Koen Vansant, LMS International N.V

      • Enhancing Precision in Superimposed Direct Current Characteristics Computations using a Powder Soft Magnetic Core


      • Panasonic Corporation

        Taking household appliance technologies and presenting them to industry partners
        – JMAG is a strategic tool helping bring about a technological revolution –

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