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  1. Finite Elements performance evaluation of a Transverse Flux Machine using Somaloy 500 1P, 700 3P and 5P

    Cristofaro Pompermaier, HÖganÄs AB

  2. Modelling schemes for Transformers and Chokes

    Holzinger, Sumida Electric Co.,Ltd.

    • Estimating the effects of partial flux linkages on the resistance of PMAC motor windings

      John Suriano, NIDEC Corp.

      • High Fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation with JMAG-RT and NI VeriStand

        Nick Keel, National Instruments

        • Highlights of the latest developments of OPAL-RT solutions

          Sebastien Cense, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

          • Loss analysis and geometry optimization in rotating machines

            Katsumi Yamazaki, Chiba Institute of Technology

          • Magnetization Analysis for Magnets in Small Motors

            Michitaka Hori, NIHON DENJI SOKKI CO., LTD

          • Taking On Torque Ripple Analysis and Torque Ripple Reduction in SR Motors


          • Development of the IPM motor using JMAG-SuperExpress

            Takashi Ogawa, Panasonic Corporation,Appliances Company

          • Miniaturization Design Method and Performance Evaluation of Prototype Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Optimally Designed by Thermo-Magnetic Field C…

            Norihisa Iwasaki, Hitachi, Ltd.

          • Evaluation of Different Electrical Steels and Iron Loss evaluation of inter-locks vs welds vs bonded lamination cores in IPM Hybrid Motor using JMAG.…

            Charles R. Frontczak, Tempel Steel Company

          • Vibration Optimization of Concentrated Stator and IPM Rotor

            Alvin Lee, Emerson

          • Simulation of the IPM Motor in a HILS Environment

            Nobuyuki Suzuki, Toshiba Corporation

          • Approach of electromagnetic-field analysis in digital AV equipment

            Hirotsugu Fusayasu, Panasonic Corporation

          • Analysis of Permanent Magnet Eddy-current Loss Using JMAG-SuperExpress

            Shinsuke Kayano, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

          • Multiscale Noise and Vibration models for a Switched Reluctance-based drivetrain for EV and HEV

            Koen De Langhe, LMS International

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