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  1. Analysis of Transformer using JMAG-Studio

    Hidenori Uematsu, Panasonic Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd

  2. Analysis of the Magnetic Force Acting on the Toner in the Black Image Area and White Image Area in the Magnetic Printer

    Norio Kokaji, Meisei University

  3. Evaluation of Motors Using Powder Magnetic Cores by JMAG-Studio


  4. Electromagnetic and Thermal Modeling of a PermanentMagnet Synchronous Machine with Either a Laminated orSMC Stator

    Dave Farnia, Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Company

  5. Magnetization Patterns and Motor Effeciency of the NEOQUENCH-DR

    Takao Yabumi, Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

  6. The Axial Air Gap Permanent Magnet Motor for Air Conditioners


  7. Comparing Coupled Analysis with Experimental results for IPMSM

    Kan Akatsu, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

  8. Automotive EMC Simulation Using EMC Studio

    Roman Jobava, EMCoS

    • Well-Developed Numerical Techniques and Future Expectation for Magnetic Field

      Koji Fujiwara, Doshisha University

    • Comparison to Measurements of Combined Simulation with RT Model of IPM Motor

      Yukari Toide, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

    • Practical Use of Connected Electro-circuit Simulation with Electromagnetic Analysis in the Development of Robot Actuator

      Takeo Kishida, Sony Corporation

    • Analysis of RF devices using JMAG-Studio -Evaluation of transmission characteristics of RFID and RF splitters-

      Takashi Takeo, Mie University

    • Dynamic Analysis of the PM stepping motor by behavior model and circuit simulator

      Kaoru Miyazaki, SANYO Seimitsu Co.,Limited

    • 3D Design of Electrical Machines using JMAG-Studio

      Goran Nord, Hoganas AB

    • Electromagnetic Modelling in Teaching and Research Projects at the Unibersity of Auckland, New Zealand

      Dariusz Kacprzak, The University of Auckland

    • Motor Core Iron Loss Analysis Evaluating Shrink Fit and Stamping Effect

      Keisuke Fujisaki, Nippon Steel Corporation

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