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  1. Head Field analysis of high-density recording write heads

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  2. Transient Analysis of Write Head for Hard Disk Drives -Comparison Analysis and Electron Beam Tomography Measurement-

    Kimio Nakamura, Hitachi, Ltd.

  3. Magnetic Printing Simulation for Hard Disk Drives by Using Finite Element Method

    Akira AHSGON, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  4. Analysis of A New Motor Drive Control Technology Using by JMAG

    Hideshi Ohtsuka, SHARP Corporation

  5. Recent Analysis Method of Motors Using 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro kawase, Gifu University

  6. New Practical Analysis of Actuators by 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

  7. Characteristics Analysis of Scroll-Actuator using 3-D Finite Element Method

    Katsuhiro Hirata, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.

  8. Design of a thin film write head using transient magnetic field analysis

    Ken-ichi Kitamura, Sony Corporation

  9. Developments of high-Bs heads with small core for high-speed recording

    Yoshihiro Nakano,Tamaki Toba,Hiriaki Honjo,Shinsaku Saito,Tsutomu Ishi,Mikiko Saito,Nobuyuki Ishiwata,Keishi Ohashi, NEC Corporation

  10. Eddy Current Analysis of Narrow Track Write Heads for Hard Disk Drives -Coparison Longitudinal and Perpendicular Recording Heads-

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  11. Degaussing Process Analysis Taking Account of Hysteresis for CRT

    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  12. Integrated Development Environment for Motor Drive Control System Using JMAG and Matlab/Simulink

    Chen Hui, NSK Ltd.

  13. Use of JMAG-Studio and AMDESS for the Optimaization of Transformer Shape

    Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

  14. A New Method of PM Motor Drive Control -Analysis of PM Motor Using by JMAG-Works-

    Hideshi Ohtsuka,Masaji Nakatani, SHARP Corporation

  15. Studies on Deformation of the Yoke of a DC Motor Caused by Electromagnetic Force

    Yoshiji Nakagawa, ASMO Co.,Ltd

  16. Development of Surface-wave Interferde Plasma Source Using JMAG-Works WV

    Nobumasa Suzuki, Canon Inc.

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