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  1. Cultivating Personnel for Electromagnetic Field CAE

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

    • Toward More Effective Use of Electromagnetic Field Analysis-Factors Suffocating Extension of CAE and Provisions for them-

      Koji Fujiwara, Okayama University

      • Optimization of a Choking Coil using JMAG and AMDESS

        Hidenori Uematsu, Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

      • Development of Broadband Splitter for CS Satellite N-SAT-110 Adaptive CATV systems

        Takashi Takeo, Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute

      • The practical use example of the magnetic field analysis of IPMSM


      • Cogging Torque Calculation Considering Magnetic Anisotropy for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

        Shinichi Yamaguchi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

      • 3-Dimensional Analysis of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Mechanism Using JMAG

        Weixing Xia, Tohoku University

      • Recent Analysis Method of Actuators Using 3-D Finite Element Method

        Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

      • Electromagnetic Force Analysis of Multipule Power Source Synchronous Generator

        Takayuki Fujikawa, Shin-Daiwa-Kogyo Co.,Ltd

      • Neutral Point Signal Characteristics of IPMSM


      • Examples of motor analysis using FEMAP as a pre-processor

        Masanori Nakamura, Toyo Electric Mfg .Co.,Ltd

      • Vibration and acoustic noise analysis of motor

        Fuminori Ishibashi, Shibaura Institute of Technology

      • Influence of Processing Strain on Iron loss of Brushiless DC motor

        Kunihiro Senda, Kawasaki Steel Corporation

      • Non-oriented Electrical steel for high frequency motor and some points of concern for use

        Yoshihiko Oda, NKK Corp.

      • Developed Evalulation Technique and Iron Loss Analysis for Motor Core Applied Electrical Steel

        Keisuke Fujisaki, Nippon Steel Corporation

      • A 3D-FEM Calculation Of a Small 3-phase permanent Magnets Generate mode of isotoropic Soft Magnetic Composit(SMC) material

        Goran Nord, Hoganas AB

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