[JFT134] Inheritance Between Current Waveform Studies

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When evaluating motor performance in actual drive conditions, it is preferable that input current waveforms be the same as the actual drive conditions, and that coil end and motor end effects can also be taken into account for the model to be analyzed. When using 3D analysis to perform simulations accounting for control, however, calculations that are of a large scale and consist of a large amount of steps can come at a significant calculation cost. In circumstances such as these, calculation costs can be reduced by using 2D analysis to calculate current wave forms accounting for control, and using the current waveform obtained as input for 3D analysis. In JMAG, these process can be performed automatically by using post calculation scripts.
This document describes the method for setting a current waveform obtained from a 2D analysis to a 3D analysis automatically by using a post calculation script.


Current waveform, Inheritance, Control, PWM, Post calculation script

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