[W-MA-87] Verification of the Accuracy of Minor Loop Loss Using a Play Model

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1. Introduction

One of the important issues in magnetic field analysis is the improvement of loss analysis accuracy. Within this as well there are issues with iron loss analysis such as harmonic iron loss, minor loop loss, residual strain, and stress dependence. The issue with minor loop loss is that with conventional methods based on actual measurements the measurements are performed with alternating current and therefore it is not possible to accurately ascertain a minor loop with direct current superposition. Therefore, a play model that can accurately describe a minor loop for an arbitrary driving state is used for iron loss analysis [1]. Since this play model can reproduce a loop for an arbitrary operating point from a symmetrical loop group, theoretically minor loop loss can accurately be calculated.
In this paper, from the minor loop loss with DC superposition being measured and compared with results using the play model, it was verified that the play model can reproduce the minor loop loss actually measured.

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