[W-MB-63] Method for Determining the Optimum Resolution of JMAG-RT Model

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1. Background

In recent years, with the shortening of the development cycle, the application of model-based development (below, MBD) is progressing. Highly accurate plant models are important elements in MBD applications, and JMAG-RT generates highly accurate plant models from FEA models (Fig. 1). The accuracy of the plant model depends on the number of calculation points by FEA. As the number of calculation points increases, the resolution of the model improves, but the time for generation becomes longer. An optimal resolution for determining the number of calculation points is necessary, not only because excessive resolution requires increased time for generation, but also the data size has a significant impact on HILS.
In this paper, we present a method to increase the resolution of a JMAG-RT model iteratively while performing system simulation.

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